The history of the school

About us

The School of Gastronomy in Piła is a secondary school with a 67-year-old tradition. The school was founded in 1945 and it was the first secondary school in Piła after the Second World War. Today it includes two types of schools- Technical Secondary School and Vocational School.

The school offers well equipped cooking classrooms, high tech computer laboratories, a library with wide range of set books as well as multimedia materials and a modern sports hall.

Well qualified teaching staff includes specialists in the areas of humanities, science, hotel industry, catering and cookery professions.

The educational programme includes apprenticeships and vocational trainings in different parts of Poland. Moreover, extracurricular activities offered by our school allow students to develop their hobbies and interests in various areas.

Educational programmes

Our school is a member of a “group of schools promoting health”. In 2008 we obtained the certificate of a Promoting Health School which proves our involvement in developing healthy lifestyle, sport activities, voluntary and charity work.

Since 2010 our school takes part in the project “Szkoła Kluczowych Kompetencji” which purpose is to give our students the possibility to develop and improve their qualifications and to guarantee them a better beginning on the job market.

The aim of the programme “Szkoła bez Przemocy” is to prevent the school society from violence and to educate young people to stop antisocial behaviour.

“Mlody Obywatel” programme allows young people to discover and develop the local society awareness.

The latest projects “Nauczyciel- mistrzem młodych mistrzów” and “Doskonały praktyk” give teachers of cooking professions the possibility to develop and improve their qualifications and knowledge in the area of use the most recent innovations in cookery equipment.

History of the school

The complex of buildings was built in 1905. From that time tot the second World War he building operated the school for German officers’ wives.

The school was founded on 1st October 1945 and it was the first secondary girls’ school in Piła after the Second World War. All the students and teachers were involved in renovating the school building. In the next three years five different profiles were created in the school. They included education in the fields of dressmaking, home economics and gastronomy. At the same time the library and students’ dormitory were founded.

On 1st September 1950 Technical Secondary School of Gastronomy was founded. One year later the then school headmaster created a Vocational School.

The constant reorganization and renovation of classrooms allowed to develop the educating process and to establish in 1967 a 4-year technical school and a 3-year vocational school which exist until today.

In the 1980s and 1990s a lot of innovations and changes were conducted in the school building. Modern catering and cooking classrooms, a sports hall, gym and field were formed. Newly renovated and well equipped classrooms constituted the perfect base to introduce education in modern professions like waiter, catering technician and hotel industry technician.

On 21st October 2005 the 60th Anniversary of School Foundation was celebrated. 354 graduates came to commemorate the old times. The guests, teachers and students took part in the ceremonial mass and the gala in Cultural centre in Piła as well as in a great ball organized in Gromada Hotel.

The last but not least renovation step was building the new sports hall which offers exquisite conditions to practise all kinds of team and individual sports.

Moreover, since 2008 The Youth Hostel situated in Okrzei Street has become a part of our school.

Today, after the renovation of the building, the Technical Secondary School in Piła is one of the most beautiful historical views in Piła.